Esteemed colleagues and volunteers interested in Trauma on children and adolescents;

Knowledge and awareness regarding psychological traumatic experiences in children and adolescents and their impact is increasingly growing around the world and in Turkey. As a result of heightened interest and studies conducted in this area, trauma intervention/prevention programs and initiatives that encourage children and adolescents to grow stronger in trauma-oriented situations are gaining importance. 

We, as the Egeden Child and Trauma Foundation, have attempted to organize a congress with the theme, “Growing Stronger”. We would like to invite all researchers, practitioners, volunteers from various disciplines, and those that either work in the field and/or are interested in the subject matter or would like to know more on the topic to our congress which will take place on 24-26 March 2022 in Çeşme/Izmir. Main congress program will cover contributions and workshops from researchers and experts who devoted themselves to the scientific study of trauma in children and adolescents Our goal at this congress is to exchange information on the subject, share work that has been done, and progress together. We hope to receive proposals for verbal presentations and posters which will make the congress programme richer. In addition, congress program will cover presentations about studies by Egeden Youth Commission, Egeden Family Mentor program and presentation of Egeden Dissertation Awards. We aim to enrich the congress program with social and artistic activities.

We look forward to your attendance and we hope to meet you at the congress which will take place in Çeşme Altınyunus Hotel as we enter the spring season and enjoy all the natural beauty of İzmir.

Sincerely Yours,


Prof. Dr. Figen ÇOK
Egeden Çocuk ve Travma Vakfı 
Kongre Eşbaşkanı 
Egeden Çocuk ve Travma Vakfı 
Kongre Eşbaşkanı 

Event Date
24-26 March 2022

Early Registration Deadline
February 1, 2022

Abstract Submission Deadline
January 17, 2022


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